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Why Choose Kristi Jean Photography?

My goal is to provide all of my clients lasting and meaningful images that they can treasure for years to come. To provide the absolute best experience for my clients, I offer the following services to ensure your wedding day or portrait session is stress free, fun and memorable:​

  • Fast Response Times & Communication: I provide fast customer service and effective communication to all of my clients.  

  • Easy & Convenient Online Contracts and Invoicing: 
    I use an online booking system  for all of my clients! It's easy to use and makes signing contracts, booking your session, submitting questionnaires, accessing print releases as well as receiving and paying invoices fast and easy. 

  • Insured: 
    I am a Wisconsin state registered limited liability company. My photography gear and business are also insured.

  • Experience and a Creative Style: 

I've been photographing weddings and portrait sessions for over five years! I've seen church weddings, small weddings, and even themed weddings! I know how to keep your wedding day moving along effortlessly, even when it seems like things are running behind. My style of photography includes both posed and lifestyle images. This means you will have classic posed portraits as well as ones that capture your personality and interactions. I have prompts and tricks up my sleeve to get those genuine smiles!  

  • Prepared:
    Need help bustling your dress or getting your veil to stay on? Did your kiddo spill on their shirt on the way to your session? Forgot a diaper? I have you covered! Stain pens, bobby-pins, fabric tape, and diapering essentials are always with me during a session or wedding. 

  • Friendly & Professional Service 
    I love making my clients feel more like my friends and family, not just a business transaction. I truly value the trust that my clients instill in me to capture their family. It's been a great privilege to watch my past families grow and flourish through the years! 

  • Backup Equipment 
    I know how precious time can be, especially on your wedding day when there's no time for surprises! I have extra camera bodies and lenses, batteries and memory cards ready to go, just in case the unexpected happens!

  • Responsible Handling & Storage of Your Images
    An important part of the behind the scenes is how your images are stored and edited. The cameras that I use allow me to have all of your images sent to two memory cards during your session. This allows an immediate back-up of all the images I've taken. Your images are then promptly backed onto two external hard drives. Until your fully edited gallery is delivered to you, I keep those memory cards safe just in case! 

  • Outfit Planning 
    Not sure what to wear to your session? I’m happy to help by providing you with the “do’s and don’ts” of dressing for your portraits. Feel free to reach out to me when deciding what to wear!

  • Wedding Planning & Timeline Help 
    Let's face it. Wedding planning can be a nightmare when it comes to figuring out a timeline. I'll be with you for your entire day. Let me help you plan your wedding photography and day-of timeline with tips I've learned as a wedding photographer. This will help your day run as smooth as possible. 

  • Wedding Photography Consultations 
    In-person, video chat or phone consultations gives you and your fiancée the opportunity to tell me all about you as a couple and your wedding day, while you get to know me as well. Feel free to ask a million and one questions. I'm happy to answer them.

  • Newborn Safety 
    The safety of you and your newborn baby are my number one concern throughout your session. I completely understand the anxiety that can come with handing your precious little one off to someone else. I'm a new mom myself! I have taken several courses on newborn safety and the proper way to pose your little one so they maintain excellent circulation and airways are unobstructed. I never place your newborn in a potentially dangerous pose. 

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