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What is the difference between a posed newborn session and a lifestyle newborn session?

A posed session will capture your baby in a variety of different poses with wraps and other props. This type of session does take a bit longer, as making sure your baby is comfortable and safe is my first priority. Family members will also join in with these sessions at the end so you can have a brand new family photo to share! These sessions typically last between two and three hours. It all depends on how baby sleeps and how cooperative they are. 

Lifestyle sessions are more of a journalistic approach. This session take place in your home and are meant to capture your connection to each other and as a new family. I do offer direction in getting the best shots and of course getting those little details of baby. This sessions is usually between 60-90 minutes in length. 

How many days old should my newborn be for their session?

The ideal time for a posed newborn session is when your child is six to ten days old. For lifestyle sessions, your baby can even be a little older! These are just suggested ages, and every baby is different.

Where does my newborn session take place?

Posed newborn sessions are done at my in-home studio. Lifestyle sessions are done in the comfort of your own home.


What should I expect at my newborn's posed session?

The best photos are produced when your baby is calm, sleepy, and comfortable. I use a sound machine and a small heater to keep baby nice and warm. I'll have you and your spouse (if they're along!) take a seat and relax in my adjoining living space. Use this time to relax, catch up with your friends and family, or take a nap! Sometimes when baby can smell mom, it makes them restless and it's harder for me to get the shots we want. I'll let you know if baby needs to be fed during the session. 
Most posed photos are taken while the baby is asleep. To produce an ideal sleeping baby conditions consider dressing your newborn in non-restrictive clothing such as a zip-up pair of pajamas. Onesies are often difficult to get on and off, and the process of doing so usually wakes a sleeping baby. Please feed baby right before you leave for your session, and we will let the car ride lull them to sleep. 


Do I need to bring or purchase anything for my session?​​​

Not at all! I have a wide variety of props, wraps, backdrops, and outfits for your baby to use for the session. All I need you to bring are yourselves.

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