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What is your style of photography?

My style is a good mix between posed portraits and a journalistic approach, also known as 'lifestyle'. I know how important it is to have those nice posed images for your Grandmother's living room wall, but also having those shots that show the real personality of you and your family. 

What is your editing style?

My editing style is pretty minimalistic and falls more into the 'light and airy' category. I like for the colors in your images to stay vibrant and true to life. I do of course take the time to edit out any blemishes I see, stray hairs, boogers on your kiddo, etc.​

How do I book a portrait session?

My favorite question to answer! Reach out to me via e-mail, Facebook, or phone and we will first find a date and time that works for us both. I'll then send you an e-mail with a contract to electronically sign, session details, and an invoice for the session. Simply sign your contract and pay your session deposit and you're done! 

What is all included with my session?

Each session includes a certain amount of edited images (depends on your session and package you choose), access to a personal online client photo viewing gallery, and a print release. Your online gallery will allow you to  Wedding packages do include all edited digital images.

How soon do I get my images back?

I know how exciting it is to get your final images back! I've been there! As a curtesy, I try to give all of my clients a little sneak peek within 48 hours of your session. Portrait sessions will be delivered to you within four weeks, and wedding galleries will be delivered within eight weeks. ​


Do you charge sales tax on photography sessions?

Yes, all sessions are subject to 5.6% sales tax.​

When do I pay my portrait session fee?

An initial payment of $50 of the session fee is  due when booking the session, and is nonrefundable. Full payment plus tax is due at the time of session. You can pay online or with cash or check. ​

Do you have a travel fee?

There is no travel fee for sessions 30 miles from Slinger, Wisconsin. If you are looking at a location outside of this range, let me know and I can get you a travel quote!​

When and where do sessions occur?

I do prefer that outdoor sessions occur during “golden hour.” This is an hour after sunrise or before sunset. It provides the best and most flattering light for your portraits! However, I know that sometimes life gets busy and it's not always an option. We will figure out the best time according to your schedule to get the best possible results that we can. 


Location, location! I'm always open to new and unknown locations in the area. Not sure where to go? No problem! I have my own personal favorites like Glacier Hills County Park, Richfield Historical Park, Retzer Nature Center, and other spots! 


Lifestyle session take place at your home and can be done at any time of day. I do have an at-home studio that I use for newborn sessions and some milestone sessions in the winter months. I'm hoping to get a larger studio in the near future to better serve my clients!​

What should I wear?

Your clothing choice is a great way to show off your personality. Neutrals are always a good call, and wearing clothing with textures and layers adds dimension without being distracting. It is best to avoid any clothing with logos on it, distracting patterns, and neon colors. With children, it's best to pack a back-up set of clothes just in case something happens. Don't ever be afraid to contact me prior to your session if you have questions on what to wear!

What happens if the weather isn't cooperating the day of our outdoor session?

As much as we hate when this happens, it definitely does. Sessions can always be rescheduled due to bad weather! ​

What happens if one of my family members is sick the day of our session?

As a photographer and mother, I work with newborns and children on a regular basis. If you are feeling under the weather, have a fever, nauseous, or having a cough, please let me know and we will reschedule. I'd like to keep myself and other clients from getting sick as much as possible. When you don't feel good, or when your child is sick, the session usually does not go as planned and we don't get the true personality of your kiddos. Rescheduling once everyone feels 100% will give you a much better outcome with your images!​​

What happens after my session?

Once your images are fully edited, I upload them to your online gallery. You will be able to download your images from there, and also order print and products directly from your gallery as well! Your gallery stays available to you for ten years. Yes, your read that correctly. Ten. Years. I will then send you your print release should you decide to print your images elsewhere.

Will I receive a print release with my images?

Yes, you will get a print release for the images in your session. As the photographer, I hold the copyright to all images. Please be aware it is ILLEGAL to sell or edit any of your images without Kristi Jean Photography, LLC’s permission. 

What if I want to keep my session private?

Of course! Sometimes life's moments are very personal and I totally understand wanting to keep your images private.  Please let me know if this is something you want, and I'm happy to oblige.  A model release is in your photography contract. This can be taken out if you wish to keep your images off social media and out of advertisements for Kristi Jean Photography, LLC.

Do you offer photography products such as prints, canvases or albums?

Yes! My gallery service that I use is called Pass Plus. They're super awesome with customer service and have lot of options for you to choose from as far as products. You have the option to purchase prints, albums, cards, and canvases. If you're interested in another type of product but don't see the option, please let me know and I can find the best printing lab for your needs!

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